Mens Jumpsuit m -l Castle applique hoody

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Castle applique on back original design from Anna Herman  medium thickness cotton  purple, medium to large if you wear a 40 jacket this is your size . An Anna  Herman label, has Eco applique on the from then patches of coats of arms  .  Has pockets , a hoody  the hood has a drawstring.   pockets a zip front , a belt .  the sleeves are cuffed this is an environmentally friendly is made from found saved vintage cloth.  size   Medium to Large  if you wear a 38 jacket this will fit you.,waist without the belt is 38 " the belt goes from 32" to 38"  best between 32 and 36" waist. From armpit to armpit is 22", from shoulder to shoulder is 20"  inseam is 35"  , that's kinda long  but I have some tall customers. If you want it shorter just tell me your inseam and I will Hem it up before I send it., hip is 42" (doesn't need to be tight)  Long sleeve, cuffed. From the shoulder to the end of the sleeve is 25"  Made in USA by Herman's Eco . Hand wash cold water , the felt will rip if you put it in the machine, take the belt off , Plastic free packaging.
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