Cowboy Dog Bell Bottom Pants Hermans Eco 34

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Mens Bell Bottom cowboy dog with banjo air brushed and painted with low impact fabric paint Jeans pants 34” waist is exactly 34” hip is 42” , inseam is 34”  cotton canvas prewashed but if you put them in the hot dryer the length will still shrink some. Made in USA designed by Anna Herman of Hermans Eco  comes in a 36” waist in another listing . Also says Hermans Eco we ship fast free and plastic free. The bell is 14” across . They are high waisted from the crotch to the top of the waistband up the front is 13 1/2” why do I make my own graphics ? I am an American Designer who is tired of having other countries ideas on the prints . Vintage prints reflected things in America now the prints are often other countries cultures because they are cheaper to make .
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